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Client Views On Deniz Sar

by  Alice Van Miller, Information Management Consultant, Cultural Genetics Technologies™ Corporation, USA
ฉ  Cultural Genetics Technologies™ Corporation, New York, USA, 2002. All rights are reserved globally.
June IX, 2002, New York, New York

In this article, we have compiled for you how others have seen and evaluated the accomplishments of Mr. Deniz Sar, President and CEO of Cultural Genetics Technologies™ Corporation, New York, USA, throughout the past decades, till our present time.

Truly authentic documents, certificates, reference letters, mail and messages have been meticulously analyzed, assessed, compiled and summarized for this purpose.

We will keep the names of Mr. Deniz  Sar's private, corporate and institutional clients and contacts confidential for the sake of their privacy and the confidentiality of their business affairs, we are obliged and committed to preserve.

This should arise no doubt even in the most skeptical minds though, about the trueness and the authenticity of the, from time to time, unbelievable praise and compliments, Mr. Deniz Sar had and has been receiving for his accomplishments and for the outcomes of his work for his private, corporate and institutional clients and contacts, throughout the past decades, till our very present day.

Let me present you first a few brief examples to this unbelievable praise and compliments in the flowing and flying form:

'A Genius Of Macro Patterns'     'A Marco Polo And Leonardo Of Our Time'     'An Extraordinary Mind Beyond Conventions'     'A Man Of Extraordinary Dedication, Persistence And Intelligence'     'Unbelievable Depth And Breadth Of Applied Knowledge'     'An Original, A Light, Illuminating The Darkness'

Let us now review some comments and excerpts compiled from the remarks, notes, messages and reference letters of his present and former private, corporate and institutional clients:

A Private International Investor

'Your unbelievable knowledge and experience makes us feel at home. We feel to be in very good hands and we are glad to work with you. We hope, we can continue this work, also in year 2003 and beyond.'

An International Connectivity Corporation

'We highly appreciate your expert knowledge on the cutting edge connectivity systems, architectures and products in the world market. We are glad, that working with you made our job a lot easier, a lot more powerful and a lot more successful.'

World Magazine Of A Global Logistics Corporation

'The 2000-2005 Restructuring Project of our Global Logistics Corporation was led by Mr. Deniz Sar, directly reporting to our President and CEO. 

By mid 1998, Mr. Deniz Sar was invited to our headquarters by our President and CEO, to formulate and lead this Corporate Restructuring Project, including a prior Corporate Genetic™ Assessment and Diagnosis Study that was to be conducted by Mr. Deniz Sar personally.

This Top-Management Consulting Project targeted a Cultural Genetic™ and Strategic Repositioning and Reprogramming of our Global Logistics Corporation and was directly reported to our President and CEO.

The global transitions in the logistics sector, the most recent technologies and the predicted volatility of the world economy had made such a top-quality study inevitable.

Following a Cultural Genetic™ and Corporate Genetic™ Assessment and Diagnosis of all corporate sections, strategy, locations and operations, including all aspects of human resources, management systems, technology, sales, marketing, communications, services, products, investments, finance, accounting, controlling, planning, budgeting and eventual partnerships, a sophisticated Corporate Restructuring and Repositioning Methodology was formulated and implemented by Mr. Deniz Sar and our President.

The 2000-2005 Corporate Genetic™ Reprogramming and Corporate Genetic™ Repositioning Study was successfully implemented through one of the most advanced Corporate Communications Platforms of the world; the Cultural Genetics Technologies™ Managerial Development and Managerial Commando Programs, with unprecedented success.

In 1993, Mr. Deniz Sar conducted a similar, but a less developed version of this study at our corporation, with an equal success, again directly reporting to our President.

Mr. Deniz Sar was the first and the only individual then, who precisely predicted the overwhelming growth of our company in the years to come, that now preciously belong to our collective Corporate History and that history has always proven him right.'

 A Global Tourism Corporation

'Mr. Deniz Sar, President and Managing Director of Alpha International Top-Management Consulting Ltd. and Alpha Consulting Group ฎ served between 1995 and 1996 as a private Top-Management Consultant reporting directly to me, in my position as the Chairman of our Global Tourism Corporation, an internationally operating major tourism and travel agency, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

During this time, Mr. Deniz Sar was in charge of assessing the overall business situation of one of our indirectly controlled subsidiaries responsible of major incoming and handling operations overseas, annually handling the full range of the whole incoming operations for foreign visitors in four main areas at this overseas location and having control over roughly ten sub-operation offices and divisions.

In this assignment, Mr. Sar inspected, analyzed, assessed and evaluated the headquarters and the area operations of this unit, including the managerial conduct, yield and efficiency displayed and the financial performance in in one of our major functional operations in Cyprus.

He also inspected, analyzed, assessed and evaluated the corporate culture of the main overseas subsidiary, the managerial potential, as well as the psychoanalytical personality configuration of the top-management and respective leadership in this particular company.

In addition, Mr. Deniz Sar also evaluated the most recent balance sheet, as well as the profit and loss statement of the company, audited and evaluated the management information and reporting systems, successfully worked on optional cash-flow projections for the forthcoming years and on better working accounting and finance interfaces between our main overseas subsidiary and our headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Following the conclusion of his assignment, Mr. Deniz Sar held a 300 color slides presentation for my eyes only, at our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, letting me know about the results of his diagnoses, evaluations and future expectations and giving me a profound picture of the company's overall business situation, objectively.

The diagnoses, evaluations and the final presentation of Mr. Deniz Sar supported me a lot in coming to some major conclusions in my business.

I have known Mr. Deniz Sar as a very hard-working professional and as a premium-quality expert in corporate top-management issues.

He is without any question, an absolutely reliable person of highest integrity standards.

I highly recommend Mr. Deniz Sar as a top-management consultant and wish him the very best for his future.'

An International Ground Handling Corporation

'The first time I met Mr. Deniz Sar, it was during the Alpha Top-Management Development Program he conducted for a Major Airline Company in 1994. I served that particular Major Airline Company as a Vice President responsible from Planning and Corporate Development  at that time.

Considering the dullness and the missing true practical value of many management development programs I was obliged to participate during my career, I had originally planned to leave the training in a couple of hours after its initial start.

Though, then I stayed there for twelve more hours and for four more days. It was even me, who initiated that the whole program would be prolonged for one more day.

Surprisingly, I hadn't heard anything about Alpha Management Development Programs until that very day.

Though, evidently, I must say, I profited enormously from this very intensive and absolutely very interesting Top-Management Development Program, even to my own surprise.

The style and the emotional coloring of conduct, the depth of how highly complicated managerial issues have been interactively discussed, analyzed and solved, as well as the whole content of the program was beyond anything I had experienced or heard before.

The feeling of sincere personal and managerial change, as well as restructuring one lives through, towards increased performance, quality consciousness and excellence, certainly justifies the name, 'Managerial Commando Training' without any exaggeration.

Short after this, I climbed up the career ladder and became the General Manager of a well-known Ground Handling Corporation, handling the full range of ground services to lots of top airlines like Swiss Air, Delta, British Airways, Air France, etc.

After a general reshuffling and overhaul I implemented in this company, I insisted, that our elite departments should attend Alpha Management Development Programs in full.

Thus, in 1995 elite departments of our company attended the top-quality management development programs of Alpha Consulting Group ฎ, like 'Alpha Training for Superior Achievement in Management' and 'Alpha Sales and Customer Relations Training', which were both conducted by Mr. Deniz Sar, Managing Director of Alpha Consulting Group ฎ.

Both top-management training programs had phenomenal effects on our elite managers and our management talent, as I expected anyway.

Our executives, who attended these programs, articulated the experience they had during these training programs as a 'personal and managerial rebirth towards increased performance, quality and excellence' and we all were able to observe the 'immediate difference' in them during our daily transactions.

Much to my surprise, during one of the creative moments of an Alpha Training, an absolutely valuable and interesting scenario for a possible television advertisement spot emerged as a bypass product, which we may seriously consider to utilize in the future periods, eventually having saved an additional amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Considering, that all Alpha Management Development Programs have been personally developed by Mr. Deniz Sar, during his studies in U.S.A. and in Germany as a result of his extensive research and considering, that he personally conducts these Top Management Seminars and Training Programs, as well as his Consulting Projects, in lots of different capitols all around the world, it is evident, that he has an enormous amount of cutting-edge, internationally comparative and truly competitive and in depth knowledge and experience in management, organization, strategy, psychology, quality, leadership, benchmarking and restructuring issues.

Beyond all this, I have known Mr. Deniz Sar as an original mind of highest performance, quality and integrity standards.

I highly recommend him without any reservation and wish him the very best for the future.'

A Major Global Computer Manufacturer

'It was 1994, as we heard about Mr. Deniz Sar and his unique Alpha Management Development Programs for Superior Corporate Achievement. 

The content and the intensity of 'Alpha Training for Superior Achievement in Management' was in full compliance with our corporate expectations and the participation of our Top-Management Team in this program resulted in full success.

The program, in its most intensive version we chose to attend, required full and heavy concentration, forcing all our physical and psychological limitations. Though, the intention of the program obviously was to combine the contemporary management skills, styles and know-how, with a pressure-proof psychological analysis of the true managerial self, towards developing superior corporate achievement of competitive value in a team.

A thorough analysis of the corporate and the top-management profile was conducted by Mr. Deniz Sar before the program, applying various assessment questionnaires and tests, including the assessment of the managerial traits, as well as the top-management potential of the attending additional executives.

All these assessments and analyses, in combination with the direct, pressure-proof and procedural confrontation with the true managerial self during the program, changed our corporate expectations and strategies substantially.

As a result of this program, a silent revolution in our management took place, towards a more focused, more competitive and more aggressive type of managerial activity and a stronger market and sales performance orientation.

Its is worth to mention, that the program delivered concrete outputs like personal letters of scenarios and objectives for all participants, the Corporate and Managerial Assessment Report  and the presentation conducted by Mr. Deniz Sar, based on the assessments , analyses and findings before and during the program.

The snapshot taken and the resulting conclusions, as well as recommendations, including the corporate and managerial strengths and weaknesses were presented then in a concise package later.

The performance and the know-how of Mr. Deniz Sar was unbelievably advanced. The depth of his knowledge, his perfectionism, his dedication and energy, thrilled and challenged our Top-Management Team to fully utilize the outputs of the program even long after its end.

The program was, by the true meaning of the word, a unique one, and certainly not one of those other training. Thus, investments we made paid off several times in return.

Since then, Mr. Deniz Sar has been our primary contact in our efforts to develop a superior performance orientation in our company.

In addition to all this, his research and consulting report, as the world's first Macro-Economic Corporate Early Warning Periodical Report, substantially contributed to our financial corporate security and profitability during 1994 and beyond.

No need to explain further, we recommend Mr. Deniz Sar without any reservation and wish him all the best in his future career, knowing that it won't be difficult for such a person having all these excellent qualities.'

A Major  International Airlines

'In 1994, Alpha International Top-Management Consulting Ltd. was hired as a Management Consulting Company to apply the Alpha Organizational Assessment and Restructuring Program at the Personnel and Management Development Division of our Airline Headquarters.

The Management Consulting and Organizational Restructuring Project assigned to Alpha International Top-Management Consulting Ltd. had the first priority goal to uncover significant cost-saving potentials within the Personnel and Management Development Division of our Airline and to develop an Organizational Transition Master-Plan, showing ways and means for a more effective and state of the art organizational structure, including all the essential corporate procedures and staffing recommendations for the competitive edge of future operations.

The Alpha Consulting Project Group assigned to this division consisted of five Alpha Top-Management Consultants led by Mr. Deniz Sar, President and Managing Director of Alpha International Top-Management Consulting Ltd. and the Alpha Consulting Group ฎ and intensively worked for more than five full months in order to complete the Top-Management Consulting Project.

During this project, Mr. Deniz Sar reported directly to me, in my position as Vice President of our Airlines, responsible for the Human Resources Management, Personnel Development and Legal Affairs Division.

Both Mr. Deniz Sar and Alpha International did an excellent job for us, uncovering a hidden potential of millions of dollars of cost-savings and showing us the way on how to implement those cost-savings and still improving the performance of our division.

I highly recommend Mr. Deniz Sar and his Alpha International Top-Management Consulting Company for any Consulting Project dedicated to top-quality outcomes and wish Mr. Deniz Sar the best for the future.'

A Major Foreign Trade and Industrial Investments Group

'In 1993, Mr. Deniz Sar, as the President and General Manager of Alpha International Top-Management Consulting Ltd. worked as a Top-Management Consultant reporting directly to me, in my position as the President of our Foreign Trade and Industrial Investments Group.

We had hired Alpha International, in order to have an objective assessment of our corporate situation, including all the possible strengths and weaknesses of the corporation.

As an expert, Mr. Deniz Sar conducted a detailed assessment of almost all aspects of our corporation.

He analyzed and assessed our whole organization, including our entire operation, finance and accounting departments, as well as our field and handling procedures.

He looked into the overall cash-flow situation of the corporation, assessed the image of our Foreign Trade and Industrial Investments Group and searched for further growth possibilities regarding our overall corporate activity.

Based on assessments, analyses and diagnostics performed and successfully concluded by Mr. Deniz Sar, our entire corporation underwent a major organizational and strategic reshuffling and restructuring, out of which our Foreign Trade and Industrial Investments Group emerged as a stronger company with higher standards of cost-effectiveness and organizational, as well as operational quality.

Mr. Deniz Sar is certainly the very first professional, who diagnosed and foresaw the impressive growth and success potential in our Foreign Trade and Industrial Investments Group.  

Today, our Foreign Trade and Industrial Investments Group is involved in international transports, warehousing, tourism, large scale customs-clearance and food processing, serving world-class corporations like Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Volkswagen, Hewlett Packard, etc.

I have known Mr. Deniz Sar as a very hard-working person of highest integrity and productivity standards, so that working together with him, has been quite valuable and profitable for our corporation.

Considering the depth and breadth of his knowledge in these fields and considering his professional dedication as well as integrity, I recommend Mr. Deniz Sar, without any reservation and wish him further the best for the future.

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