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Iceberg Papers Towards A Better Society




On Adventures of the Mind 

Beyond Conventions
In Search For The Truth 
On Brilliance
Anatomy Of A Quality Brand Name Or Reflections On The Deniz-Sar-Difference I Witnessed
On Formulating The General Theory And Applications Of Cultural Genetics™
Excerpts From A Multibillion Dollar Genesis
E=mc² Of Complex Cultural Systems
Client Views On Deniz Sar
Ethics Of The Crooks
Dumb And Dirty Snitches As A Competitive Weapon
Cowboy At Dawn
Seattle Washington South Africa: The Design Of A Medieval Closter Of Racism And Torture
Shadow Boxing
Dollars Versus IQ
The Phone Company Slaves Of The United States
The Outclassed Spin
Under Torture
The Turn-The-Immigrant-Into-A-Slave Strategem We Know So Well

Cable & Spineless

Under The Daily Harassment And Torture Of National And International Zionism
Excerpts On Brilliance
The Other World
Phone Artists
Aquarium Fed
Framing And Formatting Minds
A South Africa With Better Marketing
Honcho Land
A Typical Sales Organization Organized Not To Sell
People of Accent People Of Color 
Modern Slavery
The Pigsolith Theory
Dialogues on Pigsolith Theory
My Experiments
The Laboratory
Growing Pigsoliths
Uneven Competition
David Becomes Goliath
On Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
On Alpha Consulting Group 
Unmanned Human Resources Management
The Academic Peep Show
Peep Show Country
From Managerial Commando Program to AIR
The Beginning Of The End
On Systems Team Future Research For Innovative Management
Types Of Intelligence 
Their Best Systems Crook Was An Ex-Con Cook
The Story Of The Fake Amish Crooks
Organizational Cholesterol
The Human Resources Management Bull
The Soul Of Financial Figures
How Would An Average Professor Know ?
Paper Tigers
More Important Than Your Bank Account
Slow As A Snail
What I Have With Gates, Ellison And Edison In Common
Pink Boys' Dance On The Volcano
Thirty Years Ahead
A Female Scavenger's Lies
The Soul Of A Cybercorp
Escape Into The Future
Slow To Register
Enduring The Dark Empire
The Invisible Hand We Know So Well 
Van Gogh X
The Illiterate Conspiracy
The Invisible Hand vs. Free Markets and Individual Talent
Tom Jone's Dirty Press Ventures
Eagles And Snails
If You Do Not Let People Make Money They Can't Pay Their Bills Nor Their Taxes
My American Soul
Network Of Fired Executives, Vulturous Competitors, Creeps and Clients That Failed In Our Audits
How Creeps and Crooks Are Paid To Attack and Harass Without Thinking?
The Silent War of Creeps and Crooks With The Brilliance
Their Only Chance
The Covert Ops You Face In Business and The Role Of The Media 
The Covert Ops You Face In Business and The Role Of The Secret Societies
The Covert Ops You Face In Business and The Role Of The Secret Services
The Alliance Against Free and Fully Competitive Markets
The Silent War They Make
Keep Sleeping
The Third World, Developing Countries and A Generation Of Illiterate Professors
 Anatomy of the Unoriginal Mind
Light Years Ahead
Tough To Digest
The Story Of The Three Eternal Monkeys
Liars Of The Lila Cow
My Experiences With German Steel and The German Steal

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