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Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics (TM) and Corporate Genetics (TM) Group International. In more than 20 countries about 1000 Companies Institutions and Organizations owe their survival and success to Mr. Deniz Sar.  

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Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics (TM) and Deniz Sar's Corporate Genetics (TM) Research. Deniz Sar's Corporate Genetics (TM) and Corporate Genetics (TM) Technologies.
Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics Press (TM) and Corporate Genetics Press (TM), USA. Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics Technologies (TM) Corporation, USA.
Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics (TM) and Corporate Genetics (TM) Group, USA. Deniz Sar and Associates International, USA.
Deniz Şar - Uluslararası Kültürel Genetik (TM) ve Kurumsal Genetik (TM) Araştırma ve Teknolojileri Gurubu. Deniz Şar - Deniz Sar - Uluslararası Kültürel Genetik Yayınları (TM) ve Kurumsal Genetik Yayınları (TM) Gurubu.


Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics (TM) and Corporate Genetics (TM) Group International.

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