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           F. Deniz Sar: Kulturgenetik und Unternehmensgenetik, Berlin, 1980.      F. Deniz Sar: Cultural Genetics and Corporate Genetics, Berlin, 1980.           


02/1980 Berlin Mr. F. Deniz Sar mentions for the first time in the history of mankind, a possible existence of notions that may be named as Cultural Genetics and Corporate Genetics in one of his relatively early seminar papers submitted at the Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Department of Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany. Nobody takes note of the potential breadth, depth and the historic significance of these groundbreaking notions at that point of time. 
In his brief introduction to these highly innovative notions, Mr. F. Deniz Sar states, that "corporate entities need to be seen more like cells or evolving cell structures, rather than predominantly focusing on their desired or expected financial outcomes". Mr. F. Deniz Sar is merely twenty years old at that point of time.
Mr. F. Deniz Sar chose to attend the Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen curriculum of Technische Universitaet Berlin, with a Government Talent Scholarship for Abroad Studies he received after having been ranked as the third best candidate in a series of selection examinations with about a million highly selected peers as initial participants.
Throughout centuries, Technische Universitaet Berlin has been a breeding ground for top scientists such as Einstein, Roentgen, Kirschoff, Herz, Rechenberg and many others in the puristic and subtle Prussian tradition. ...


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