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           F. Deniz Sar - F. Deniz Şar - Best Student of the Class - Ankara College - 1970.           


Mr. F. Deniz Sar has been literally known as a wiz-kid since his early childhood. With an IQ above 180, he was the standard Best Student of the Class for years, without competition, starting with his early childhood. Several times the entire school's Best Merit Student, Mr. Deniz Sar was always among the very first few ranks of the Dean's Honor List at the very well known Ankara College, starting with his early ages. Always his domestic and foreign teachers' Best Choice in representing the school at national and international merit contests and winner of multiple First Prizes in several National and International Knowledge Competitions, Mr. F. Deniz Sar was also a champion holding 3 National Cups at various Equestrian Riding Races before he was even 10. For many who know him well, Mr. Deniz Sar is like a contemporary Leonardo, Marco Polo and Magellan in one soul. Not only a cold-blooded visionary, thinker and implementor, but also a passionate writer, speaker, advisor and developer, with a blood-freezing intellect of premium quality. ...


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