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           F. Deniz Sar - F. Deniz Şar - Victory March - With the Sword of Victory - Symbolizing the New Generation of Intellect - 1967.           


Mr. F. Deniz Sar was merely 17 as he started out to follow the officially proposed curricula towards his own advanced design, inventions and explorations in some of these two distinct worlds' best universities in the east and in the west and was still learning German in this historic science, technology and art metropolis of the cutting-edge world. 
As you can see, Mr. F. Deniz Sar is an exceptional produce and a brilliant blend of all these extraordinary ingredients of outstanding nature, mostly of his own design, brains and prediction. His ground-breaking accomplishments in later years, are not a surprize at all, to those who knew him well since his early childhood. 
In the picture above, Mr. Deniz Sar was chosen among thousands of peers to symbolize the new generation of intellect in the Victory March of 1967. He is merely 7 years old at that point of time and holds the Sword of Victory, in the march towards Gordium. In the years to come, he faced several knots of the same sort and dealt with them in the same manner. ...


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