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Seattle Washington South Africa: The Design of a Medieval Closter of Racism and Torture

by  Deniz Sar, President & CEO of Cultural Genetics Technologies Corporation, USA
©  Deniz Sar, Seattle, USA, 2000. All rights are reserved globally.
August VII, 2000, Seattle, Washington

This is an open letter addressed to Mr. Paul Schell, Mayor of City of Seattle and to Mr. Gil Kerlikowske, Chief of Police of City of Seattle, directly reporting to Mr. Paul Schell as the Mayor of the City. This historic letter was written on August 7, 2000 in Seattle, Washington, USA and widely distributed to a prominent audience not only in the United States, but also internationally. The prominent distribution list of this historic letter consisted of the following widely known names, offices and personalities:
Mr. Bill Clinton, President of United States of America, Mr. All Gore, Vice President of United States of America, Ms. Janet Reno, Attorney General of United States of America, Mr. Garry Locke, Governor of Washington, Mr. Nelson Mandela, Former President of the Republic of South Africa and President of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Mr. Bulent Ecevit, Prime Minister of Turkish Republic, Mr. Devlet Bahceli, State Minister of Turkish Republic, Mr. Baki Ilkin, Ambassador of Turkish Republic at Washington DC, President of Federal Human Rights Comission, President of United Nations Human Rights Comission, President of Human Rights Watch and President of American Civil Liberties Union.
We are aware, that the quite short list of the dual direct recipients of this historic letter is neither entirely complete, nor entirely accurate, since it merely represents the tip of a huge and hardly visible iceberg of global nature. The true recipient of this historic letter should have been the dark and torturous Zionism, tightly holding the United States as a helpless and uninformed hostage.
This historic letter not only accurately assesses and diagnoses the United States that is being held hostage by a cruel national and international Zionist machine of adversity and intolerance, as a medieval closter of racism and torture long before the unbelievable acts of physical and mental abuse and torture became internationally public in their most graphic forms at the Zionism's own media outlets, but also describes the subtle, almost organic design and mechanics of this unholy machinery in astonishing detail.
The historic nature of this open letter will be better understood with every rise of the sun over the darkness it is destined to illuminate. This historic letter presented to the world public in the following, does not intend to judge or condemn, but merely to cure through the process of Bewusstwerdung in Freudian terminology. Last but not least, it is an excellent example to the historic dimensions of Mr. Deniz Sar's genius and professionalism, as well as to the power of his ground-breaking General Theories beyond ages.
Due to the contiued and coordinated harassment of our business ventures, corporate entities, communications, platforms and think tanks by direct and indirect individual, corporate and institutional elements of the national and international Zionist war machine here and abroad, we feel compelled to present this historic letter personally handcrafted by Mr. F. Deniz Sar himself, to the knowledge and elaboration of the intellectual world public.
The intellectual world public nevertheless believes in a lot more advanced values in defining and advancing humanity above and beyond the Zionist slave-ship that holds the United States and the rest of the world hostage by its medieval design of an unholy network of mostly invisible trojans or those who still believe or pretend to be such:

I am the inventor and the founder of the Theory and Applications of Cultural Genetics, Corporate Genetics and Cultural Genetics Technologies which took me about 16 years to develop and I am a strategic management consultant and a  developer who did highest level international consulting work for several national and international bue-chip companies directly reporting to their presidents or general managers untill recently. I hold several awards and distinctions regarding my career and my accomplishments.

I came to the United States and settled in Seattle to develop a major Dot Com concept, which is an innovation as you will see soon and I am days or weeks apart from officially announcing and web publishing it. It would have been already up and running and bringing in hundreds of thousends of tax dollars, if there weren’t the incredible and unbelievable disruptions I suffered in your city, mostly inflicted by the city itself and by it’s incorporated units.

I came to Seattle to have a less hectical environment close to the nature and close to technology, so that I could do my development work totally undisturbed and in peace. Though, in retrospect, I think that probably I did a mistake in coming here. I should have probably settled in an international metropolis like New York with the experience and understanding of international markets, cultures and intentions, instead of choosing to stay almost medievally closed and mono-cultured, accompanied with a total lack of knowledge and understanding, what anything international could possibly mean and be worth for the rest.

I tend to hold Seattle Police Department and the City of Seattle you represent responsible for the worst and most horrible two to three years of my life. If Seattle is designed to be a camp of racism and intolerance you need to say it to the world. So that we will not make the same mistake again and think that we are coming to a place governed by the constitution of the United States.

Good marketing and good make up of incredibly medieval notions of racism, intolerance and discrimination is what I have observed and experienced during this time, as I will explain. I can only hope that this is at least geographically limited and does not extend itself to United States in general or that it can be changed at least.

I am a victim of individual and institutional bias, intolerance, discrimination and racism in this community for about three years now. One must be blind and deaf to be oblivious to the suffering newcomers and minorities have to endure daily.

From the very first day on my phones were tapped, my residence has been entered and searched multiple times guess by who, I could not drive any more, since some ridiculous police cars were daily following me exceeding any reasonable definition of harassment, I could not even rent cars anymore, I could not walk in downtown, since again, your obviously very professional officers were profiling and targeting me and of course you will say now, this could not have happened, but you know that it did and it does. You must know that it does.

I could not properly attend conferences and meetings anymore, I could not even drive to the ocean without being followed by police cars. My suits have been stolen, my passport has mysteriously disappeared. I was kept under strong surveillance by your incredibly qualified people. I did not even have this at East Berlin as we went to the other side of the wall as students.

As I carried a business attache with me, there were bus drivers, hotel employees and even parents in movie theaters who were scared to death that there might be a bomb in my attache. Later they were embarrassed and they apologized and we laughed together. But the marks remain in my heart and in my memory. They are good people, nice people, who are led awfully bad.

As I dressed up in business suits, they thought I must be a spy or a mafioso, as I dressed down to blend, they thought I am a terrorist. But they never thought I could be a businessman, a consultant or a genius in pain of developing something new, since this is the essence of all the direct and subliminal messages they receive as cliches every day.

In the mean time, I was robbed, assaulted, battered and consistently insulted and humiliated in your city. I sold my car, because there was no point in having a car I could not drive in peace and without being harassed daily. Even when I took a cab I was being followed by police cars. I could not walk in your downtown without being followed by uniformed police officers or some other officers. I was  receiving at least 5 phone calls a week trying to pre-text me with some very disturbing and primitive stuff. I still receive those anonymous calls very very often.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago came the climax and I was arrested in my residence by a young, inexperienced and probably ill-trained police officer, who thought he was responding to a 911 call from an unemployed, and notoriously lying psychopath who is regularly drunk nights and pumped with drugs during the day, who seemingly called 911 and told that I threatened him or that I threatened to kill him or something like that.

That was enough to get me arrested. No evidence. No witnesses, nothing, if not engineered at a later point of time. The young officer did not ask me anything at all before the arrest. He handcuffed me like a criminal. Did not let me secure my doors and get my money and my wallet etc. Upon my return my money was gone, my plants were torn and emptied, there was an unauthorized search in my rooms and I took several pictures of the scene. He spoke of an incidence and there was not even an incidence except the ones I mentioned above, where I was the victim several times. But that obviously did not matter.

I was put to urine stinking cells in a mad house and was not allowed to make any phone calls for hours and later only with severe difficulty and restrictions. This reminds me of Victor Hugo’s novels or Gandhi’s experiences in South Africa. This is unbelievable.

This hate and revengeful person, a next door neighbour, whom I have reported several times before and wrote e-mails about to Janeen Watkins at the prosecutors office, being pumped with drugs and total desperation about his life as I naturally observed, may or may not say anything he wants, but how can this lead to my arrest and later prosecution so easily, so blood thirstily, if the system you designed would not encourage this? Where does the ignorance and the bias end? Where are the limits of all this? In an other Hurricane incidence perhaps?

Since that day, I can only leave my residence with a tape recorder and with a camera. It seems there is no other protection of innocence otherwise for newcomers and for minorities. I could not even get anti-harassment orders against these people because of lack of evidence how come they could have me arrested without one, disregarding all my notes, messages and communication, that something like this was about to come?

I owe all this, to a system you are responsible of and to these ill-trained people who work for you and who are probably not capable of doing something real meaningful with their lifes, who therefore try real hard to mess up with any newcomer or minority who does try to do something meaningful and who is ambitious.

This is not the worst part. The real problem is, that the system encourages this and it could have even be designed to enable this incredibility. These people like playing games with the system you represent at my expense or at the expense of other newcomers and minorities. You can not be unaware of this.

It seems to give them the power to destroy or disrupt the positive efforts of another group to which I belong and it probably protects them from being totally unemployed otherwise.

 In the course of the past two to three years and in the middle of such an awful stream of harassment for which I was totally unprepared, I could not attend my business issues properly, since I was almost about to lose my mind. I slowly suffered a business loss of hundreds of thousends of dollars till today, apart from the opportunity cost of lost opportunities and undeveloped business issues and apart from the immaterial loss caused by all this incredible mental torture and harassment.

This also costs you money, in terms of the taxes I was made incapable of generating,

Every business contact I tried to build up was disrupted by your following officers in uniform and without uniform from my back which slowly deteriorated my relationships. I saw and watched this happening. I saw them going right after me to the building managers and house keepers and other offices and saying probably very constitutional things about me in their medieval and racistic mental darkness.

I am almost certain that my residence was bugged without any interruption and I did not think that it was official or authorized, but then again who cares in this medieval design, implementation and enforcement. Do believe me, that I have all the necessary specifics about these issues here and that they are precise and correct.

As a victim of about 5 or 6 incidences I reported to the Seattle Police Department in the course of the past years none of the incidence reports were documented accurately, completely and in an undistorted fashion. None of them were followed up. None of them were investigated and none of them were remotely resolved.

What would you think if you were me? Would you not think, that obviously, you must be encouraging your officers to prevent incidences to be documented correctly against the majority race you represent. Is this not shameful even to be put into words here or anywhere else? Would you not think this, if you were me?

I am 39 years old and I am about to be 40 and I lost here at least 1.5 years trying to protect myself from this incredible hostility and harassment. I lived in Turkey, Germany, Michigan, Boston and for a while in Austria for a total of 36 to 37 years. I did consulting in 6 or 7 different countries staying every time for about one to 3 months at several locations all over in the world. I owned three companies in severe competition with many others. How come I was never contacted by the police for 37 years for any imaginable reason? How come I was never arrested before? How come I hardly ever needed to contact the police myself in all those years? How come I was never followed before? How come my phones were never bugged before? How come I never faced such a hostility before?

How come the arresting young officer could tell me that his computer shows that I was arrested before? How come he could tell me that I have a history of violence? What kind of a negligence and slender and harassment is this to put me under arrest and disrupt my peace and my life, whereas the notorious slender should be immediately visible to any intelligent and unbiased person or party right away? Why am I being bugged and harassed like this for years and about to be prosecuted too now?

I am in United States because of the generosity of your Federal Government. How can you allow this long stream of harassment, discrimination and bias towards somebody of my background and to someone who is here because of the generosity of your Federal Government? How can you treat me like a criminal or a terrorist? This naturally alienates me from the values I strongly believe in.

If you happen not to know, Turkey is an ally and a Nato country. Neither Turkey nor me are enemies to anybody.

The cliché thinking, the ignorance and the bias must give way to knowledge, intelligence, communication and harmony, which is normally so easy to accomplish, if you would not make it so difficult.

I have to hold you responsible for all this unbelievable and unbearable events happening right in front of you by your own officers and employees.

Where is the simple common sense, intelligence and human decency I learned and taught all my life? Where is it? Don’t we owe it to the constitution that we do something else, something better and constitutional with our jobs.

What I experience is medieval, inhuman, totally discriminatory and totally inacceptable.

Policing or community design can not be about real estate protection against possibly dangerous ghosts, but it must be about the implementation of the spirit of the constitution anywhere, anytime and in regard to anybody.

Where is our explicit value system? Where are our controls? What substantial control and reporting role is given to the minorities and to the newcomers you seemingly try to protect? Where are our cultural engineering efforts in the media and in the press? Where are our public education programs in this regard? What do we do for the racism and discrimination being taught at the churches from texts which does not even remotely resemble to the original teachings of Jesus in any shape or form? How do we measure our improvements in this regard and more importantly who measures them? Do the newcomers and minorities have important and key roles in the supervision of the necessary cultural engineering attempts towards civilization and apart from racism and discrimination as relics from an awful slavery past? Do you know that there is nothing that even remotely resembles to an equal opportunity thing in the recruitment processes of the companies anywhere in this state? What do we do about it?

This should be the essence of our community design and our policing and not the chase on wheels, not this ridiculous and excessive surveillance.

I am at the end of my financial and emotional strength trying to muddle through these ridiculous and artificial hurdles that are continuously being put in my way and so are other newcomers and minorities.

I was supposed to write you this letter last year this time already, but I was too busy and my work was too important to interrupt and I was still considering the possibility that I might be wrong about the community and the society I was observing at individual and institutional levels.

One must be blind and deaf to be oblivious to the suffering of minorities and newcomers in this society and I hope that you are not. I am not sure anymore whether we are trying to illuminate, reverse engineer and condemn this incredible bias, discrimination and racism or help to implement them at individual and institutional levels even in a more subtle way.

It seems to me, that there is a well designed and subtely implemented range of violation of human rights going on right in front of your eyes. Violation of human rights comparable to the ones at the racistic South African State of the recent past or comparable to the ones in the police state of Nazi Germany or in the medieval Spain of Inquisition. Only a lot more subtle and a lot more daily.

What I have been observing here for about three years now and what I have been the victim of  has costed me an incredible amount of time and ressources to understand and to stand up against and I am at the very end of the time I reserved for certain things, as well as at the very end of my patience and ressources, trying to fight the continuous individual and institutional harassment I have been enduring, which delayed and prevented me from completing my personal and  professional objectives for more than one and a half years now.

All this can only be the racistic relics from the times of slavery and they certainly do not belong to the 21st century. They do not belong to a country whose soul has been defined and described in the constitution of United States as a path of projection and development.

For three years now, I do not feel or observe daily that I came to a place governed by the constitution of United States I carefully read before making my business and private decisions, but to one of Umberto Eco’s medieval closters of darkness, mental torture, surveillance, discrimination and incredible intrigues of outdated notions. I am really embarrassed to even talk about all this.

What I observed so far can only be called a ruthless police state and that has nothing to do with being a responsible and humble servant of freedom and democracy. I am sure, this is not the desired outcome the Federal Government has in mind.

I do not see, that you are doing what needs to be done to illuminate and to educate the darkness in the minds of an important portion of people here, but choose to use the very same darkness as a tool of oppression against other races and against new comers.

This society you daily represent, shamelessly and medievally speaks about people of color and people of accent at every individual and institutional level and does this officially.

You can not be unware that racial profiling, community policing and the existing harrassment laws are being used as subtle and indirect tools of an unbelievable degree of discrimination and racism, co-designed, implemented and enforced by the city and the police force, which notoriously, sarcastically and sadisticly tries to implement and enforce them.

What I observe here does not match with any definition of a liberal democracy and freedom, defending the dignity of the human race, but it matches with the definition of a police state, institutionalizing and defending the dictatorship of one race upon others. This is not what the Federal Government wants or I would not be here today otherwise.

This is the plain, practical and observable truth, regardless of the rhetorical rationalizations publicly offered.

Now, what does this have anything to do with what is in our constitution or in the bill of rights?

You can not be unware that racial profiling, community policing and the existing harrassment laws are being used as subtle and indirect tools of an unbelievable degree of discrimination and racism, co-designed, implemented and enforced by the city and the police force. If you are, you can not be living in this town.

I firmly believe, that a carefull examination would yield that all three of the above stated categories should be considered as unconstitutional.

With any of these three categories, you are giving incredibly harmful weapons into the hands of a large mass of people who are completely ignorant without knowing or realizing that they are, enabling them to hurt minorities and newcomers and anybody who might dare to deviate from their very own medieval darkness in which they are being empowered.

These people you count on doing your community policing stuff are in best case not well educated and not well trained, if not completely ignorant. How can they be expected to be involved in serious judgement about security risks? Instead, we create irresponsible snitches seeking personal gain and revenge.

This is the undeniable truth and it is everywhere, waiting for you to see it and to take action steps against this inhuman incredibility and to stop it, rather than designing it and or encouraging it.

We must be aware that, about 3000 years of recorded history shows that every single crime against humanity was lawful as such.

There were always laws legitimizing such inhuman oppression, discrimination as well as physical and non-physical torture against the minorities and against the others.

Unfortunately, it was lawful as jewish people were torn away from their homes to be sent to concentration camps and later to furnaces. It was lawful as Jesus Crist was crucified. The slavery was lawful. It was lawful as residents of japanese origin at Bainbridge Island were torn away from their homes and sent to concentration camps. The incredible rasistic measures of the very recent South Africa were indeed lawful. They were all lawful, but I hope we all agree that they were wrong.

Thus, this hiding behind  lawfulness must cease and it must yield its place to the decency and common sense of humanity. This is the key and not the lawfulness in itself.

But, of course, needless to say, how great would it be to have laws implementing the decency and common sense of humanity and not the opposite and they should not serve as curtains to hide behind.

 I came to United States because of my radical beliefs for what is defended in your constitution.

 I have left everything I had done and built up so far behind for the sake of this ideal.

 Give me the United States you have been teaching to the entire world throughout my life span. That is what I came here for.

What we call community policing is nothing but the mutual harassment of the minorities and the newcomers by the majority race in close cooperation with the police force and other agencies. I can not imagine that you are proud of this incredibly racistic and discriminatory design. I do not think, that this is in compliance with the core values we defend and represent.

Our Harassment Laws enable anybody and especially the majority race to launch fake and or paranoid complaints to the police with claims such as feeling threatened or having been threatened or having been threatened with death or having felt suspicious about one person etc.  Aren’t we aware of all this? Can this possibly be new to you?

Aren’t you aware how extremely and how shamelessly these laws, methodologies and tactical measures we are implementing are being misused and taken advantage of especially by the majority race you represent? Can you really be unaware of this?

I fear, anybody who is even remotely related to offices you represent, literally think that they have a free ticket from you to toy around and mess up with the newcomers and minorities who do not accept this inhumanity, racism and discrimination without objection. This is unbelievable and should be totally inacceptable.

 For over two years now, your police force in uniform and without uniform is trying to create something that remotely resembles to an incident. I do not know with what authority and with which right and following which orders?

The design I observe, foresees a scenario of making the life of the non conformist, the life of the criticizer of the obviously wrong, simply miserable. Harassing him, following him, bugging him, setting him up, covered by community policing work and accusing him with some incredibly primitive harassment laws, hoping that something would work to destroy him or his reputation and eventually, kicking him out, burning his green card, because he thinks and talks too much instead of taking orders from the obvious primitivity of the obviously wrong.

I do not think this is what the Federal Government or the constitution wants to happen. The motto can not be or should not be turn the new comer to slave as some people would like to put it and this certainly is not the reason why we are here.

If nothing works, the person will be accused of something real ridiculous or real funny - of course funny only to the ones who have common sense - and he will have to defend himself and he will spend his money to do this instead of advancing himself in the society which raises questions about whether or not it has been designed for everybody. This horrifying story sounds familiar to me.

The whole community policing concept you like so much, encourages and prepares a large part of the society for the above illustrated scenario and you can not be not seing this.

I must ask you here explicitly and infront of the very eyes of the whole world to stop these unbelievably racistic and torturous measures and start culturally reengineering your community instead of assisting and encouraging it to go on with this incredibility, at least, until the contemporary international community gives me the strength again to leave your town.

What an irony, that the former President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela was here only last year. I wonder, whether or not he knows about all this…

  Because of all these reasons I tried to illustrate above, I am launching as of today the Initiative Against Individual and Institutional
, Intolerance, Discrimination and Racism and I strongly count on your active support in this matter.

  You could even decide to fund this initiative.

I am also still looking for an evidence to see how a court system could possibly yield quality output in terms of consistently reliable results that are just and correct, if the original information input to that system is so biased, so distorted and so unjust, thanks to the issues I raised above so far.

Now, I am currently still in danger. I can not use the front door of my residence and my office, I can not open my curtains and I do not use my regular routes anymore, so that I would not expose myself to additional slenders and lies of this next door psychopath once again. He is in psychotherapeutic treatment and uses prescription drugs according to his own testimony. I am scared of him and his regularly drunk pals, that they would play witness for each other and than tell any possible slender and any possible lie. There is enough encouragement in the official design and enforcement of the things, that they feel I am an easy bate as a newcomer and as a minority and that they feel to have a free ticket to destroy my peace and my life as a newcomer and as a minority - at least to give it a shot. Being completely unemployed and on some sort of benefits, this is not difficult to try at all.

The motives are lowly: Revenge, hatred and racism. Pure and simple.

And I can not leave and move right away. I must finish the remaining last part of my development work for the emerging dot com. So, please do feel to have my consent for installing cameras and monitors right into my office, my living room and even into my bedroom and also right in front my house and please do record every possible moment in sound and in sight. This is the only way to protect me from further slenders untill I have the financial and emotional strength to move to a larger metropolis sharing the global value standards of the open world.

  Please do this one last favour to me and then do Seattle a favour too and stop this incredible individual and institutional racism,
  intolerance, bias
and discrimination in design, in implementation and in enforcement.

  May be you do not owe this to me, but you certainly owe this to all those nice, good and decent people I have  met in this town,     who hardly know the truth about what really is going on here with the newcomers and with the minorities and even with their own   lives. 

  You owe it to them and you owe it to the constitution of the United States.

Short after the distribution of this report to a wide and prominent audience in the world, United States was expelled from the Human Rights Comission of United Nations by the rest of the member states.

©  Deniz Sar, Seattle, USA, 2000. All rights are reserved globally.

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