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Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics (TM) and Corporate Genetics (TM) Group International.



E = mc² Of Complex Cultural Systems

by  Deniz Sar, President & CEO of Cultural Genetics Technologies™ Corporation, USA
©  Deniz Sar, New York, USA, 2001. All rights are reserved globally.
February IX, 2001, New York, New York

When I speak of the multibillion dollar applications in mergers and acquisitions, corporate evaluations, strategic planning, partnerships, investments, finance, connectivity, global architectures, automation, management systems, marketing, sales, communications, advertisement, country analyses,  regional development, joint ventures,  leadership development, recruitment and a multitude of other related domains, people are sometimes surprised about the variety and the magnitude of the highly complex areas mentioned here, defying the conventional wisdom and the conventional approaches on how to go about them.

The erroneous perception of variety and magnitude occurs,  because of a lack of sufficiently in depth knowledge and experience about the true constitution of the above specified areas and the true dynamics presented in them.

There are various forms and appearances of energy. But, { E = mc² } does explain them all. In this sense, the General Theory of Cultural Genetics™ and its subset Corporate Genetics™ describe the { E = mc² } of complex cultural systems.

Keep in mind that, corporations, institutions, economies and even nations are nothing but complex cultural systems and diligently, meticulously obey the same universal laws and principles.

The proprietary trademark Cultural Genetics™ therefore, is not a verbal clim-bim or a cultural hocus pocus. It is a strictly scientific, an advanced mathematical and a highly methodical approach to assess, diagnose and to cure the corporate, institutional and the macroeconomic performance and results anywhere in the world, with incomparably less resources than anything remotely associated.

Without any doubt, it is at least twenty to fifty years ahead of anything remotely comparable in our time.


©  Deniz Sar, New York, USA, 2001. All rights are reserved globally.

Deniz Sar's Cultural Genetics (TM) and Corporate Genetics (TM) Group International.

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