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1980 - 2004

Mr. F. Deniz Sar, New York, 2006-2096. Father of Cultural Genetics (TM) - Father of Corporate Genetics (TM)

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Table of Contents
Publisher’s Note to the Special Edition
0.  An Adventure of the Mind
0.1. The Phenomenon

Anatomy of a Quality Brand Name or Reflections on the Deniz Sar Difference I Witnessed 

0.3. Excerpts From a Multi-Billion Dollar Genesis 
0.4. Others On Deniz Sar 
1. On Formulating the General Theory of Corporate Genetics
1.1. Prelude 
1.2. { E = mc² } of Complex Cultural Systems
2.  On Communicating the General Theory of Corporate Genetics
2.1. Prerequisites
2.2. The KGN-Context
2.3. Types of Intelligence
2.3.1. Standard Types™  Cubicle Intelligence™ Network Intelligence™ Classifying Intelligence™ Associative Intelligence™


Hybrid Types™

3.  Introduction to the Early Research on Corporate Genetics
3.1. Beyond Strategic Relativity
3.2. The First Corporate Genetic Model of the World: DESAGO
3.3. The Issue of Cultural Evolution Channels
3.4. The Issue of Corporate Evolution Channels
3.5. The Issue of Cultural Genetic Relativity
3.6. The Issue of Corporate Genetic Relativity
3.7. The First Corporate Genetic Model of the World: DESACOMP
3.8. Corporate Genetics as a Subset of Deniz Sar's Cultural GeneticsResearch
4.  Introduction to the Basic Definitions of Corporate Genetics
4.1. Human Behavior
4.2. Culture
4.3. Recursivity
4.4. Corporate Culture
4.5. Cultural Compatibility™
4.6. Culture Platform™
4.7. Cultural DNA™
4.8. Corporate DNA™
4.9. Culture Genes™
4.10. Power
4.11. Enthalpy & Entropy
4.12. Virtual Layers™
4.13. Cultural Evolution™
4.14. Corporate Evolution™
4.15. Cultural Genetics™
4.16. Corporate Genetics™
4.17. Cultural Genetic Evolution Channels™
4.18. Corporate Genetic Evolution Channels™
4.19. Cultural Topology™
5.  Introduction to the Basic Morphology of Corporate Cultures™
  5.1. Basic Types of Corporate Cultures™
5.1.1. Concave Versus Convex Corporate Cultures™  Concave Corporate Cultures™  Convex Corporate Cultures™
5.1.2. Transparent Versus Non-Transparent Corporate Cultures™  Transparent Corporate Cultures™  Non-Transparent Corporate Cultures™
5.1.3. Permeable Versus Non-Permeable Corporate Cultures™  Permeable Corporate Cultures™  Non-Permeable Corporate Cultures™
5.1.4. Sender Versus Receiver Corporate Cultures™  Sender Corporate Cultures™  Receiver Corporate Cultures™
5.1.5. Enthalpy Versus Entropy Corporate Cultures™  Enthalpy Corporate Cultures™  Entropy Corporate Cultures™
5.1.6. Submissive Versus Vulturous Corporate Cultures™  Submissive Corporate Cultures™  Vulturous Corporate Cultures™
  5.2. The Hybrid Nature of Corporate Cultures™
6.  Introduction to the Basic Dynamics of Corporate Genetics
  6.1. The Generic Evolution Path™ of Cultures
  6.2. The Generic Evolution Path™ of Corporate Cultures
  6.3. The Generic Evolution Layers™ of Corporate Cultures
  6.4. The Generic Orientation Matrix™ of Corporate Cultures
6.4.1. The Primary Generic Orientation Matrix™ of Corporate Cultures
6.4.2. The Secondary Generic Orientation Matrix™ of Corporate Cultures
  6.5. The Generic Inheritance Chains™ of Corporate Cultures
  6.6. The Generic Evolution Channels™ of Corporate Cultures
7.  Introduction to the Basics of Corporate Genetic Fitness
7.1. Culture Gene™ Architecture I
  7.2. Culture Gene™ Architecture II
  7.3. Culture Gene™ Architecture III
  7.4. Culture Gene™ Architecture IV
  7.5. Culture Gene™ Architecture V
  7.6. Culture Gene™ Architecture VI
  7.7. Culture Gene™ Architecture VII
  7.8. Culture Gene™ Architecture VIII
  7.9. Culture Gene™ Architecture IX
7.10. Culture Gene™ Architecture X
  7.11. Culture Gene™ Architecture XI
  7.12. Culture Gene™ Architecture XII
  7.13. Culture Gene™ Architecture XIII
  7.14. Culture Gene™ Architecture XIV
  7.15. Culture Gene™ Architecture XV
  7.16. Culture Gene™ Architecture XVI
  7.17. Culture Gene™ Architecture XVII
  7.18. Culture Gene™ Architecture XVIII
  7.19. Culture Gene™ Architecture XIX
  7.20. Culture Gene™ Architecture XX
  7.21. Culture Gene™ Architecture XXI
  7.22. Culture Gene™ Architecture XXII
8.  Introduction to the Basic Determinisms of Corporate Genetics
8.1. Hypothesis & Proof I
  8.2. Hypothesis & Proof II
  8.3. Hypothesis & Proof III
  8.4. Hypothesis & Proof IV
  8.5. Hypothesis & Proof V
  8.6. Hypothesis & Proof VI
  8.7. Hypothesis & Proof VII
  8.8. Hypothesis & Proof VIII
  8.9. Hypothesis & Proof IX
8.10. Hypothesis & Proof X
  8.11. Hypothesis & Proof XI
  8.12. Hypothesis & Proof XII
  8.13. Hypothesis & Proof XIII
  8.14. Hypothesis & Proof XIV
  8.15. Hypothesis & Proof XV
  8.16. Hypothesis & Proof XVI
  8.17. Hypothesis & Proof XVII
  8.18. Hypothesis & Proof XVIII
8.19. Hypothesis & Proof XIX
  8.20. Hypothesis & Proof XX
  8.21. Hypothesis & Proof XXI
  8.22. Hypothesis & Proof XXII
  8.23. Hypothesis & Proof XXIII
  8.24. Hypothesis & Proof XXIV
  8.25. Hypothesis & Proof XXV
  8.26. Hypothesis & Proof XXVI
  8.27. Hypothesis & Proof XXVII
8.28. Hypothesis & Proof XXVIII
  8.29. Hypothesis & Proof XXIX
  8.30. Hypothesis & Proof XXX
  8.31. Hypothesis & Proof XXXI
  8.32. Hypothesis & Proof XXXII
  8.33. Hypothesis & Proof XXXIII
  8.34. Hypothesis & Proof XXXIV
  8.35. Hypothesis & Proof XXXV
  8.36. Hypothesis & Proof XXXVI
8.37. Hypothesis & Proof XXXVII
  8.38. Hypothesis & Proof XXXVIII
  8.39. Hypothesis & Proof XXXIX
  8.40. Hypothesis & Proof XXXX
  8.41. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXI
  8.42. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXII
  8.43. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXIII
  8.44. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXIV
  8.45. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXV
8.46. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXVI
  8.47. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXVII
  8.48. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXVIII
  8.49. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXIX
  8.50. Hypothesis & Proof XXXXX
9.  Introduction to the Potential Applications of the General Theory of Corporate Genetics

 F. Deniz Sar: Introduction to the General Theory of Corporate Genetics™, Cultural Genetics Press™, New York, 2005.  

Historic First Edition,  Special Release, Glazed Art Soft Cover, 473 pages


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