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F. Deniz Sar, New York, 2001. 



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Mr. Deniz Sar is known to be a brilliant mind of exceptional originality, groundbreaking research and extraordinary accomplishments

In the past twenty years Mr. Deniz Sar  performed groundbreaking research on various subjects in business, economics, psychology, anthropology, history, religion, science, technology, engineering and military domains and was honored with the exceptional Doctor Honoris Causalis Award of the emerging American Cultural Genetics Society in the year 2001.

Mr. Deniz Sar's groundbreaking work changed the structure, syntax and semantics of world-famous research institutes; accurately predicted the rise and fall of markets and industries; served as a model and a homework for celebrity professors in their future theses, books and lectures and forever changed several products, companies, institutions and their respective leaders around the world.

Mr. Deniz Sar is without any doubt, nothing less than the Father of Cultural Genetics™ and the Father of Corporate Genetics™ as they are described in his historic General Theory of Cultural Genetics™ and in his historic General Theory of Corporate Genetics™, which originate from their roots entrenched back in the year 1980.  

Throughout many years, Mr. Deniz Sar  served the top strategic command of several international blue-chip companies and organizations as a consultant, coach and a mentor. Most of this work needed to be kept  strictly confidential to keep the less talented but extremely vulturous individual, corporate and institutional copycats with real deep pockets for manipulative public relations at a safe distance

Mr. Deniz Sar is sharing here some of his ground-breaking research with the general public. You will be shocked, you will be thrilled and you will question everything you have heard or learned so far. In other words, you will never be the same again.


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